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quote 1 Technical Sourav: Networks, Computers & Internet
"It had been a lack of heat to have a look at the thunders that changed the location of the freer."
- Sourav Khanna

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Technical Sourav
Computer Networks

A group of computers that are connected together is called Computer Network. Those Computers are sharing their recourses as well...

Technical Sourav

The Internet is a global interconnected system that works with internet protocol to communicate with various devices...


“Sourav Khanna(BCA, MCA) is a YouTuber in India. With an experience of 6 years in the field of Content creation, Sourav Khanna is the expert at representing you in Networking and Internet.”

Technical Sourav

Our main motive to create this website is to educate each and every person in this society and aware them of Technical Education. We want to see a world where no one is inattentive to tech.

snow 1 Technical Sourav: Networks, Computers & Internet