The Pros and Cons of OpenAI ChatGPT: A Powerful and Innovative AI Tool


Exploring ChatGPT

So I’ve been fiddling and having a jolly good time with it, like a rascally primate in a digital amusement park!

I asked it several questions, and among the responses I received, I picked a handful that I felt were interesting for this movie. I’ll also let you know if I found a particular response satisfactory or not based on the accuracy and usefulness. This should give you a taste of the fantastic possibilities as well as some noteworthy boundaries of this AI-based system.

So let’s see how well ChatGPT performed in answering my queries.

Getting Started

The moment you sign up by offering your email address and phone number, you’ll come across this nifty little dialogue box that generously imparts some tidbits of information for you to bear in mind. It says that our feedback will be considered to make the system better and occasionally the system is capable of generating incorrect or misleading information.

Review Process

Let’s see what’s next. Your conversations would be reviewed by AI trainers to improve the system. So, tread lightly and mindfully when it comes to divulging your details, for the digital realm can be a curious place. Keep your secrets close, and avoid sharing sensitive information like your deepest, darkest secrets or your secret recipe for grandma’s famous cookies. We can also provide feedback by liking or disliking a particular response, and additionally, you can also provide further reasons for disliking a particular response.

Question 1: What is chat GPT, and I also want some technical details.

Answer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let the games begin as we embark on our journey of curiosity with the inaugural question. So, my first question is, what is chat GPT, and I also want some technical details. Pay attention to the text materializing before you, one word at a time, like a playful game of hide-and-seek where the words teasingly reveal themselves. It’s almost like engaging in a whimsical conversation with a mischievous word sprite. So you can stop generating the response midway as well.

So that is our response. Here I can see that some basic information about ChatGPT is provided, and technical details are also included in bullet points. Um, it says that ChatGPT is based on the transformer architecture. So this is the software architecture responsible for the current wave of generator AI-based apps. So I think it’s a decent response, and here what I like the most is that the response isn’t too long or too short, and it has also covered basic-level technical details. The amount of information which is presented isn’t overwhelming. So overall, I am happy with this answer.

Question 2: Can ChatGPT provide information about INEAC?

Answer: Moving on, I want to know if chat TPD can provide me some information related to INEAC. Now INEAC is supposed to be the first general-purpose electronic digital computer. So that’s our final response. Here, as you can witness, it spills the tea on NEAC’s full form, like a chatty computer with a knack for acronym revelations. It even reveals the masterminds behind its creation, as if the computer has a secret gossip column for engineers. It has also included some details related to its applications and information about the amount of space it occupied. So this is definitely getting interesting.

Question 3: Who were the women programmers responsible for programming INEC?

Answer: Now let’s check if it has any idea about the women programmers who were responsible for programming INEC.  Hey there, fellow curious minds! Guess what? I’ve got a surprise for you. Besides my amazing text-based skills, I’ve also ventured into the world of video! That’s right, I’ve made a little masterpiece on this very topic. So, if you’re ready to witness the magic of ChatGPT in moving pictures, click that link in the description and enjoy the show!

So again, it provided the exact number of women programmers who were responsible for programming it. That is six and named three of them. Pretty impressive.

Question 4: How many vacuum tubes were used in INEC?

Answer: Now let’s check if it has any idea about the number of vacuum tubes that were used in this computer. So here I am looking for a particular number. It says 18,000, which seems correct. Along with this, it has also provided some additional details. Just nice.

Question 5: What was the debugging process like for INEC?

Answer: Now I remember debugging INAC wasn’t an easy task. Grab your magnifying glass and detective hat because we’re diving into the world of debugging! Let’s see if ChatGPT can crack the case and reveal the exact details I’ve been searching for. So so far so good. What I like the most. The accuracy level of these responses is like a sharpshooter hitting the bullseye every time. It’s like ChatGPT has a secret target-seeking superpower! It seems like ChatGPT has a good understanding of the topic and can provide detailed and relevant answers.

Question 6: Recent missions to Mars

Answer: Now, let’s venture into the realms of curiosity and explore a different question. Prepare for a mind-expanding journey! I’m curious to know if ChatGPT has any knowledge about the latest advancements in space exploration. Specifically, I want to know about any recent missions to Mars.


Here’s the response. It mentions the Perseverance rover, which is indeed a recent mission to Mars. It also provides some details about the rover’s objectives and its search for signs of ancient microbial life. This is great information and shows that ChatGPT is up to date with current events.

Question 7: Examples of renewable energy sources

Answer: Let’s continue with another question. I’m interested in learning about renewable energy sources. Can ChatGPT provide me with some examples? So get ready for a renewable energy festival! Let’s welcome the shining star of renewable energy—solar power! It’s like adding a ray of sunlight to the energy mix, providing clean and abundant power for a brighter tomorrow. In present, they are running a way for the world that powered by Clean and renewable sources!

Here’s the answer. Let’s start our renewable energy tour with some star power—solar power! Harnessing the mighty sun to generate electricity is like having a cosmic energy source at our fingertips. These are indeed commonly known examples, so I’m satisfied with the response.

Question 8: Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Answer: Now, let’s see if ChatGPT can help with some general knowledge. I want to know who painted the famous Mona Lisa. The response is correct. Leonardo da Vinci is indeed the artist who painted the Mona Lisa. It’s good to see that ChatGPT can provide accurate information on well-known historical facts.

Question 9: The meaning of life

Answer: Lastly, I’ll ask a more philosophical question. What is the meaning of life? Here’s the response. It provides a philosophical perspective, mentioning the pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment. While this is a subjective question with no definitive answer, the response reflects a common philosophical viewpoint.

Fun and Lighthearted Questions on ChatGPT

Overall, I’m impressed with ChatGPT’s ability to provide accurate and relevant information across a range of topics. Let’s keep our critical thinking hats on, folks! Remember, even though it’s an AI, we need to evaluate its responses with a discerning eye. Don’t let the virtual charm fool you! Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to see how far AI technology has progressed in understanding and generating human-like text.

Now, let’s delve into some fun and lighthearted questions to see how ChatGPT handles them. I’ll start with a classic one:

  • What is the meaning of love?

Here’s the response. It beautifully describes love as a complex and profound emotion, highlighting aspects of care, affection, and deep connections between individuals. While it’s a subjective concept, the response captures the essence of love quite eloquently.

Let’s switch gears and ask a more playful question.

  • Can ChatGPT tell us a joke?

Here’s the joke. “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!” It’s a classic science-related joke and brings a smile to my face.

Now, let’s see if ChatGPT can provide some interesting facts.

  •  How about telling us something surprising about animals?

Here’s the response. It shares a fascinating fact about octopuses having three hearts. This is indeed a surprising and lesser-known fact about these intelligent creatures of the sea. So in the end lets explore a imaginational Scenario.

  • If you got any super powers and have super powers, so what will be these powers and why you have these powers?

Here’s the response. It suggests the ability to teleport as a superpower, explaining its practicality for travel and exploration. It’s an interesting choice that many people would find appealing.

In conclusion, ChatGPT shows versatility in providing information, sharing jokes, and engaging in imaginative conversations. While it’s important to remember that it’s an AI language model and not a human, it’s impressive to see its capabilities in generating text that can entertain and inform.

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