How to Open EML File in Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Open EML File In Gmail

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve received an email in EML format and are wondering how to open it in Gmail. Despite the fact that EML files are used by various email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail does not handle them natively. But don’t be concerned! We’ll show you how to open EML file in Gmail so you can easily access and manage them within your Gmail account.

Download and save the EML file on your computer.

You must first save an EML file to your computer before you can open it in Gmail. To Download it to your personal computer, you have to right-click on it, then select Save As and after that the file will be downloading in to your hard drive.

Convert the EML file to a format compatible with Gmail.

After saving the EML file to your computer, you must convert it to a format that Gmail recognizes. Many methods are available to convert this file to a format that Gmail can recognize, but the best and easy method to do this work is to use an online file converter. Cloud Convert is one such converter. To use Cloud Convert to convert an EML file to a Gmail-compatible format, follow these steps:

  1. Go to for more information.
  2. Click “Select Files” and navigate to the EML file you created in Step 1.
  3. Click “Start Conversion” and wait for the conversion to finish.
  4. When the conversation is completed, just click on the download button and save the Gmail-recognized file format file into your personal computer.

Navigate to the Converted File in Gmail.

To navigate the converted file that is compatible with Gmail, you have to follow all these points that are mentioned below here:

  1. First Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click “Compose” to start a new email.
  3. Click “Attach” and go to the converted EML file.
  4. Click “Open” to attach the file to your email.
  5. Add a topic and message to your email as desired.
  6. Click “Send” to send the email with the attached EML file.

Now that you know how to read EML files in Gmail, let’s go a little further and look at some extra tips and methods to make the process even simpler.

Make use of a third-party tool.

While the Cloud Convert tool, which we previously mentioned, is a great option for converting EML files to a Gmail-compatible format, there are other third-party tools that can also do the job. Popular alternatives include Zamzar, Convertio, and Online Convert. These tools, like Cloud Convert, can assist you in quickly and easily converting your EML files.

Think About Using a Desktop Email Client

If you get EML files regularly and need to access them in Gmail, you might consider using a desktop email client that supports EML files natively. Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird are all popular solutions. You may open EML files directly in a desktop email program and then send them to your Gmail account if necessary.

Examine for Malware

It is critical to ensure that any email attachment, including an EML file, is safe to open before opening it. As we all know EML files may contain malware and viruses, it is important to scan these files with the help of a quality antivirus before opening these files. If you have any doubts about the safety of an EML file, it is recommended to avoid opening it.

Use an Expert Email Conversion Service

If you get EML files regularly and need to convert them to a Gmail-compatible format, you should think about employing a professional email conversion service. These services are usually more costly than free internet converters, but they include more extensive capabilities and can handle greater file quantities. Emailchemy and Aid4Mail are two common solutions.

Opening EML files in Gmail may appear difficult at first, but with the correct tools and experience, it’s a simple task. You can quickly and simply open EML files in Gmail and remain on top of your email game by following the steps indicated in this article and considering some additional tips and techniques.

To open an EML file in Gmail, you have to first save that file into your computer. You have to convert this file to a Gmail-recognizing format with the help of an Online Converter. Add this file to an email in Gmail. You can easily access and manage EML files in Gmail by following these easy steps.

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