How to Make Google Docs Dark Mode on Windows 10

How To Make Google Docs Dark Mode windows 10

In today’s digital age, dark mode has become increasingly popular among users. Its sleek appearance and reduced eye strain have made it a preferred choice for many. This post will walk you through the procedure if you use Windows 10 and wish to activate Google Docs dark mode. We will explore different methods to help you transform the traditional bright interface of Google’s Google Docs into a more visually appealing dark mode.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a display option that replaces the light color scheme with a darker one. It gives a light-colored backdrop with a black or dark grey writing, which is easy on the eyes, especially in dim light. Dark mode can help reduce eye strain, conserve battery life on certain devices, and create a more immersive user experience.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Let’s look at some of the advantages that make this feature intriguing before we get into how to enable it in Google Docs on Windows 10:

Reduced eye strain: Eye strain is lessened since the contrast between the screen and the environment is lower while using dark mode.

Improved readability: Light-colored text stands out more prominently on a dark background, enhancing readability and reducing glare.

Battery conservation: For devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, dark mode can help save battery life as these screens do not illuminate black pixels.

Visual appeal: Dark mode gives applications a sleek, modern look and creates a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Enabling Dark Mode on Windows 10

There are multiple methods to enable dark mode in Google Docs on your Windows 10 computer. Let’s explore each method in detail:

Method 1: Using System Settings

Step 1: Select “Settings” from the Start menu by clicking the gear symbol.

Step 2: On the “Personalization” tab of the Settings window, click.

Step 3: “Colours” can be selected in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Scroll down to the “Choose your default app mode” section and select “Dark.”

Method 2: Using the Google Docs Extension

Step 1: Prepare yourself for a digital adventure by launching the mighty Google Chrome web browser on your trusty Windows 10.

Step 2: Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Google Docs Dark Mode Extension.”

Step 3: Locate a suitable extension and click on “Add to Chrome” to install it.

Step 4: Once installed, open a new tab and click on the extension’s icon to activate dark mode for Google Docs.

Method 3: Using the Google Docs Web App

Step 1: To begin an epic writing journey with Google Docs, open your favourite web browser and navigate to the beautiful land of

Step 2: If asked, log in to your Google account.

Step 3: Once you’ve arrived in the enchanted world of Google Docs, look for the mysterious menu symbol patiently waiting in the top-left corner, ready to reveal its mysteries upon your click.

Step 4: Choose “Settings” from the menu, then “Theme.”

Step 5: In the Theme settings, choose “Dark” to enable dark mode for Google Docs.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While enabling dark mode in Google Docs on Windows 10 is generally straightforward, you may encounter some issues. Here are a few common problems and their solutions:

Issue: Dark mode doesn’t activate even after following the steps.

Solution: To make sure the changes take effect, refresh the Google Docs page or shut down and restart your browser.

Issue: The Google Docs Dark Mode Extension is not working.

Solution: It could be necessary to update the extension, or you could try reinstalling it. If the issue persists, consider using an alternative extension.

Issue: Dark mode affects other websites or applications.

Solution: Dark mode settings are generally specific to the website or application being used. Check the settings of other applications if necessary.

Dark mode has gained popularity due to its visual appeal and reduced eye strain. Enabling dark mode in Google Docs on Windows 10 is a simple process that can greatly enhance your overall user experience. Whether you prefer using system settings or extensions, the choice is yours. Take advantage of these methods and enjoy working in Google Docs with a more stylish and eye-friendly dark mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I enable dark mode in Google Docs on other operating systems?

Answer. Several operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS, do provide dark mode choices.

Question 2. Does dark mode affect the formatting of my Google Docs documents?

Answer. No, enabling dark mode only changes the visual appearance of the Google Docs interface. It does not impact the formatting or content of your documents.

Question 3. Can I switch back to the light mode after enabling dark mode?

Answer. Yes, you can revert to the light mode by following the same steps and selecting the light mode or default theme.

Question 4. Do I need to pay for the Google Docs Dark Mode Extension?

Answer. No, most Google Docs dark mode extensions are available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

Question 5. Can I enable dark mode in other Google Workspace applications?

Answer. Dark mode availability may vary across different Google Workspace applications. Currently, dark mode is officially supported in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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