TMobile Home Internet Review: Coverage, Speeds, and Customer Support

TMobile Home Internet Review

TMobile Home Internet Modem Features

  • Connectivity and Ports

  1. Gigabit Ethernet ports for direct connections
  2. No built-in Wi-Fi; requires an external access point or Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi Coverage and Performance

  1. Wi-Fi 6 technology for improved coverage and speeds
  2. Support for 5 GHz Wi-Fi for faster connections
  3. Comparable coverage to standalone access points
  4. Antennas built into the modem
  • Network Control and Limitations

  1. Two Ethernet ports on the back; additional ports may require an Ethernet switch
  2. Limited control and flexibility compared to the separate modem and router setup
  3. Potential for double NATting and its implications for certain services
  4. TMobile’s ability to access and modify modem settings remotely

Review of TMobile Home Internet


5G home internet service is starting to become a popular alternative to expensive cable and fibre connections, However, for your everyday home user, it’s not exactly the smashing success everyone makes it out to be. And what about business use?

Well, Determined to unravel the mysteries, I ventured into my nearby TMobile store and triumphantly exited 30 minutes later, cradling the coveted TMobile home internet modem. Over the course of the last month, I subjected it to rigorous tests, meticulously dissecting the pros and cons of 5G home internet service.

So, let’s hop right into my review of TMobile Home Internet.

Choosing TMobile Home Internet

For quite some time, I’ve been harbouring an eager curiosity to give TMobile Home Internet a whirl. It’s a 5G-based internet service that’s $50 a month with no service contract. If you happen to have an existing TMobile cellphone account, their 5G home internet service becomes a steal at only $25 per month, making it an enticing offer overall, albeit with one significant catch.

You have to be in an area that has solid 5G coverage. Nowadays, Verizon and AT&T have also introduced comparable 5G home internet alternatives. Nevertheless, T-Mobile took the lead as the pioneering force in this particular service, sparking my curiosity and prompting me to give them a chance. I had a few compelling reasons behind my decision.

Firstly, I have a strong aversion towards AT&T due to previous service-related complications. Secondly, both of my previous Verizon cell phones delivered abysmal 5G and 4G LTE data speeds, leaving me disheartened. It’s sometimes completely unusable in areas that should have great coverage. So, Thus, I yearned for a taste of something fresh and distinctive.

Setting Up TMobile Home Internet

We shall now begin our post with a disclaimer. I have absolutely zero affiliation with TMobile. I’ve not been paid by them or contacted by them as part of this review. The $50 a month service charge is coming straight out of my own pocket.

I started my TMobile home internet experience by just walking into one of their store locations at a local strip mall and started asking about it. Within a mere half-hour, I emerged from the store, proudly clutching this home internet router in my hands. Super easy to get set up and running with their service.

My purchase also included a $100 rebate for signing up, which is essentially two months free. TMobile seems to be running various promotions all the time. They were like putting on the full-court press to get me to switch my Verizon phones over to TMobile service with some pretty crazy promotions. I think they said they’d pay off our phones up to like $900 or $1,000 per phone, and it included free Netflix or Disney Plus or something.

I mean, it was definitely compelling. And I’m not someone who’s in love with Verizon. I might actually just switch over to TMobile if only they’d stop getting hacked and leaking everyone’s data all over the internet.

The Modem and its Features

Now, let’s discuss the modem itself.

TMobile Home Internet Modem Features

Connectivity and Ports

The modem is not the tallest appliance in your home, but it’s definitely not the shortest either. It’s kind of like the Goldilocks of modems.  They recommend placing it in a window for the best signal, which makes perfect sense, right? The front here features a display screen that has some limited stats about the connection. You got connection status, devices connected, messages, and language settings. The messages that come my way are surprisingly captivating. I’m proudly sailing the T-Mobile internet seas, but without a TMobile cellphone as my trusty companion.

So, to add a delightful twist to this digital adventure, they graciously bestowed upon me a phone number as a delightful bonus to the internet service. It’s like receiving carrier pigeons in the age of smartphones! Who needs a phone when you can have a virtual hotline, am I right? Apparently, the phone number that they gave me gets phishing spam because I had a bunch of like reset your Facebook spam text in the messages section on the display of the front of the modem. I had to go in and like delete all of those.

A USB-C connector is like a secret passage on the back of the device, but instead of leading you to a hidden treasure chest, it just powers up your gadget. Talk about a missed opportunity for adventure! I guess it’s time to say goodbye to searching for buried treasure and hello to charging cables. Ah, the sacrifices we make for modern technology!

It also contains a secondary USB- C connector that looks to be non-functional, we also didn’t get any mention in their instructions. And you also get two Gigabit Ethernet ports for direct connections, and that’s really it. There are no other ports or connectors on this device at all. There is only one drawback of this wifi device, it does’t have any built in wifi feature.

To establish the sacred bond between your gadgets, you’ve got two options, my friend. Either you summon the powers of a wireless access point, or you embrace the good ol’ Ethernet ports at the rear of the modem. Don’t sweat it, though, because let’s face it, wired connections are the VIP treatment for gaming consoles and their craving for stability.

Wi-Fi Coverage and Performance

After completing the previous steps our device doesn’t have any external antenna on it. All antennas are built into the modem.  So, you can’t really adjust or move the antennas, which is kind of a bummer. But in my testing, even with the antenna built into the modem, I still had pretty good coverage throughout our house. that is only because they are using Wi-Fi 6 on their device which is the latest and greatest and latest technology.

Get ready to level up, my friend, as we dive into the world of Wi-Fi wonders. Say goodbye to the days of Wi-Fi 5, for Wi-Fi 6 has arrived on the scene. It’s like witnessing a digital revolution, where Wi-Fi 6 flexes its muscles, surpassing its predecessor with style and grace. Think of it as Wi-Fi 5’s cooler, faster, and smarter cousin, here to take the wireless world by storm. Now, hold on tight, my friend, as we unravel the marvellous world of modem capabilities. Brace yourself, for the modem, has a secret weapon: the mighty 5 GHz Wi-Fi! It’s like having a lightning bolt of speed, zapping through the airwaves with unrivalled swiftness.

Bid farewell to the woes of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, where your signal mingled with all the ‘cheap stuff’ in the neighbourhood. Embrace the power of exclusivity, where your Wi-Fi reigns supreme! Now, when it comes to speed, I didn’t really notice much difference between this device and the latest TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 router that I have. So you can probably anticipate around the same amount of coverage and performance as a nice standalone wireless access point that you could buy right now for around $75, but that’s kind of the idea of this TMobile modem.

You’re not really going to be buying a separate access point. You’re just going to be using this one.

Network Control and Limitations

Now, let’s set the stage for the enchanting world of network control and the delightful limitations that accompany this device. Imagine this, my friend: you hold the reins of your network kingdom, like a digital monarch in control. But beware, for the limitations are like mischievous court jesters, reminding you that even in the realm of control, a dash of humour adds its own flavour. Get ready for a captivating journey through network realms! As an outcome, you will have little control and freedom over the device if you choose TMobile home internet service

You don’t get any admin access to it, you can’t like forward ports or anything like that. In fact, there’s not even really any kind of user interface or settings page for the device. There is one, but it’s only accessible to TMobile tech support when they remote into your device. And believe it or not, my friend, this is just one of the marvellous methods they employ to shower you with support for this modem.

It’s like having your very own tech superhero hotline. Simply give them a ring, and they’ll swoop in remotely, armed with their wizardry to guide you through any modem conundrum. Its support is so delightful, you’ll wonder if they secretly moonlight as modem therapists! Here you have to just call them, and then they can easily access your modem remotely, which may give you limited control over their actions, it also includes any changes that they made. So, if you desire total network management, this TMobile modem is not for you.

At last, you should also keep in mind that this device is a modem and router in one, which means you’ll most likely have double NATing difficulties with some services. And you also have to remember that TMobile has access to your modem and can remote into it and make changes if needed. I mean, you’re trusting them with all of your internet traffic anyway. In that case, if someone aims to gain access to your modem, they could do so. Also, I’ve seen some reports that this modem has some issues with certain services and VPNs.

Therefore, if you heavily depend on those services, it would be wise to reconsider before opting for this TMobile modem. With a separate cable modem and router arrangement, where you have complete control over your network, you’d probably be better off.

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